Apple iPhone 14 is the easiest iPhone to repair in years; here’s why

Apple’s apple iphone 14 might not feel like the most effective upgrade by the firm when you place it alongside its precursor, the apple iphone 13, provided both the phones are powered by a variation of the very same chipset as well as a near-identical layout. While Apple did mention upgrades like satellite connection assistance, an additional extremely crucial adjustment in the apple iphone 14 is the phone’s repairability, as well as we assume individuals aren’t speaking about it sufficient.

Apple’s apples iphone over the last few years have all had body layouts that were supposedly extremely difficult as well as complicated to fix. Nonetheless, a brand-new iFixit video clip reveals that the detachable glass rear of the apple iphone 14 is a vital differentiator when it concerns repair work.

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The back glass is much easier to eliminate as well as connect, as well as for this reason, is additionally simple to change in situation you fracture the rear of your phone. This additionally implies any person fixing the phone has much easier accessibility to the internals of the phone contrasted to previous apple iphone variations.

You still obtain the very same stiff framework from the apple iphone 13 many thanks to the steel structure, together with crucial modifications that were presented in in 2015’s apple iphone 13 layout. This consists of parts like the earpiece as well as front cam selection, which are currently far more obtainable when they require to be changed.

Not all excellent information for do it yourself repair work lovers

In situation you acquire the apple iphone 14 as well as however decline as well as damage it, you should still obtain Apple’s very own Self-Service-Repair parts, as well as Apple still calls for individuals to trigger parts after setup. This might be a disappointment for any person attempting to fix the phone, yet the positive side is that changing the components themselves is much easier with the apple iphone 14.

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