Nothing ear (1) ‘stick’ refresh may launch alongside phone (1)

Absolutely nothing is readied to release the phone (1 ), its initial smart device on July 12, however it appears it will not be the only item to be introduced throughout the occasion. The London-based start-up is evidently likewise releasing a refresh of its TWS earbuds, the Absolutely nothing ear (1 ).

The brand-new version of the Absolutely nothing ear (1) will certainly be called the Absolutely nothing ear (1) stick. There’s very little distinction with the earbuds this time around about, which look practically similar to the initial earbuds, however the instance chooses a brand-new layout.

Twitter informant Mukul Sharma ( @stufflistings) shared a peek of the brand-new Absolutely nothing ear (1) freshen in a tweet. Inspect it out listed below.

As opposed to the huge, square instance that the Absolutely nothing ear (1) initially featured, we currently have a rectangle-shaped “stick” that piles the earbuds flat alongside each various other.

Just how this brand-new instance will certainly open or feature is still a secret, as well as we still do not understand if it will certainly feature any type of added attributes or assistance for cordless charging, something the initial ear (1) did function.

Inside the brand-new instance, the earbuds can be seen with small layout tweaks. These consist of the branding currently stating “ear (1) stick” as opposed to simply “ear (1 )” as well as we currently likewise see 2 dots near the lower end of the stem as opposed to one. The remainder of the layout of the earbuds coincides.

Even more info on the brand-new Absolutely nothing ear (1) refresh ought to be offered throughout the launch occasion which begins later on this month on July 12.

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