Will your smartphone support it?

Jio just recently revealed its strategies to operate SA (standalone) 5G networks. This allows information as SA 5G will certainly not be chained to the boundaries of the existing 4G network, which NSA (non-standalone) 5G counts on. Nevertheless, the concern that customers require to ask is whether all those ‘5G’ smart devices readily available at several cost factors today will certainly sustain Jio’s SA 5G application.

Most prominent brand names in India currently have a schedule of 5G smart devices that are marketed to be future-proof with assistance for the next-gen network. Nevertheless, among the commonly neglected components right here is the assistance for 5G bands. To utilize 5G successfully, throughout numerous components of the nation, where protection can rise and fall, your 5G phone demands sustain for even more 5G bands.

Jio will certainly operate the n3, n5, n28, n77, and also n78 bands. Nevertheless, 5G bands themselves can be divided right into NSA and also SA bands, which, as the names recommend, will certainly sustain NSA and also SA networks on a certain gadget. Right here’s a brand-by-brand take a look at some prominent phones and also whether they will certainly sustain SA networks.

Xiaomi, Redmi and also Poco

Popular Xiaomi, Redmi and also Poco smart devices that sustain 5G assistance both 5G SA and also 5G NSA bands. Xiaomi states these phones will certainly obtain an OTA upgrade for SA band assistance, after which phones will certainly sustain Jio’s 5G networks.

” While a lot of our smart devices are NSA-ready, we have actually intended OTA upgrade rollouts in a phased fashion to make sure SA assistance. To assure an unrestricted experience, a lot of smart devices in our profile will certainly be useful with SA setting compatibility soon owing to prompt updates,” Xiaomi claimed in a declaration to indianexpress.com.

This consists of Xiaomi phones varying from the Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G to the Xiaomi 12 Pro. In the Redmi collection, phones like the Redmi K50i 5G and also the Redmi Note 11T 5G will certainly additionally sustain SA networks. Poco phones from the M4 5G to the X4 Pro 5G additionally sustain both NSA and also SA networks.

While the brand-new Poco F4 5G does not point out SA or NSA networks on its requirements web page, we anticipate the worth front runner phone to sustain SA networks.


Realme has a variety of 5G tools in India, and also phones like the Realme 9i 5G reference both NSA and also SA bands on the requirements web page. The very same goes with mid-range phones like the Realme 9 Pro Plus 5G and also Realme 9 Pro 5G. Top-end phones like the Realme GT collection additionally sustain both NSA and also SA network bands.

Realme is yet to disclose if its phones will straight sustain 5G SA networks, or if they’ll need an upgrade to make it possible for the very same, comparable to Xiaomi’s strategy. That claimed, if the item web page of your present or following Realme smart device points out both NSA and also SA 5G assistance, your phone needs to run Jio’s SA 5G network, consisting of phones as old as the Realme Narzo 30 5G. This details is still incapable for some Realme 5G phones, like the Realme X7 5G.


Older OnePlus phones like the OnePlus 8 collection and also the initial OnePlus Nord were 5G phones, yet criticised for providing assistance for simply the n78 band in India. Whether phones like the OnePlus Nord 2020 can utilize Jio’s SA 5G network is uncertain, as its India item web page does not point out assistance for NSA and also SA, rather providing out just the solitary n78 band. The very same goes with the OnePlus Nord CE.

At The Same Time, the OnePlus 8 and also OnePlus 8 Pro still sustain the n78 band. However the web page points out that “5G n78 can function both in SA and also NSA setting” on the item web page. More recent phones like the OnePlus 9 collection assistance 2 5G bands– n41 and also n78, both of which will certainly sustain 5G SA and also NSA. Nevertheless, given that Jio will certainly not operate the n41 band, and also hence Jio individuals utilizing the OnePlus 9-series phones will certainly still be stuck to just the n78 band.

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The OnePlus Nord 2 5G and also Nord CE 2 5G will certainly sustain several 5G bands, both SA and also NSA, and also while the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite additionally sustains several bands, the just one that will certainly deal with Jio’s SA network is the n78 band.

OnePlus 10-series individuals will fortunately have a much better time with Jio’s 5G network, as phones like the OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus 10R and also OnePlus 10T will certainly sustain several 5G bands consisting of n3, n5 and also n78.


Apple began including 5G assistance to its schedule with the apple iphone 12 collection. So if you are questioning if your apple iphone 11 or older apple iphone SE will certainly run 5G, the response is no. However the whole apple iphone 12 and also 13 collection sustains lots of 5G bands, all noted as 5G NR bands.

While assistance for 5G SA networks is most likely on the apples iphone, we presently have no verification of exactly how Apple will certainly carry out the very same. The apple iphone 13 collection sustains SA 5G, and also this is additionally pointed out by various other international telecommunications firm web sites throughout the globe that highlight the checklist of 5G tools. However with the apple iphone 12 collection, it is uncertain if SA 5G is sustained in India. As an example, one Singapore-based telecommunications points out that the apple iphone 12 collection does not sustain SA 5G. However we additionally recognize Apple included SA 5G assistance for the apple iphone 12 collection in the United States for T-Mobile networks in June in 2015. So a comparable upgrade might additionally make its method to India.

Absolutely Nothing

The Absolutely Nothing Phone (1) additionally sustains several 5G bands, both NSA and also SA, and also can sustain Jio’s standalone 5G network.


Samsung phones have actually had assistance for several 5G bands, from the low-end M13 5G to the Galaxy S22-series. Nevertheless, Samsung’s item web pages, similar to Apple’s, do not especially checklist assistance for NSA/SA bands since today. This leaves us uncertain whether Samsung’s phones will certainly sustain SA networks straight, or if they will certainly require an OTA upgrade to accomplish the very same.


Oppo’s entry-level 5G phones, such as the Oppo A53s 5G, have couple of 5G bands, yet sustain both NSA and also SA networks. At the same time, specific tools like the Oppo K10 5G and also A74 5G do not point out assistance for SA/NSA bands.

Some phones, like the Oppo F19 Pro+, just sustain the N78 and also N41 bands in SA setting. Assistance for SA/NSA bands is not clearly pointed out for a number of various other tools, like the Oppo 5 Pro, Reno 6 collection, Reno 7 Pro and also Reno 8 collection. The Reno 7 5G is the only phone in the Reno collection that points out assistance for SA and also NSA networks.


The Vivo T1 Pro sustains both NSA and also SA bands, therefore do most more recent Vivo phones like the V25 Pro and also the X80-series. The latter’s item web page additionally hints that a software application upgrade might be turned out to make it possible for assistance for SA networks. This holds true for some older 5G phones, such as the Vivo Y72. The phone’s web page points out that an OTA upgrade will certainly bring assistance for SA 5G.


iQOO does not clearly point out assistance for SA/NSA bands for a lot of its tools, consisting of more recent phones like the iQOO 9T, iQOO Neo 6 and also the iQOO Z6 Pro 5G. The very same holds true with older phones like the iQOO 7, which just sustains the n78 band, yet does not point out any kind of SA/NSA explanation.

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